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10 Small Scale Businesses You Can Start With As Low As N5,000

I have been seeing No Job threads on Nairaland, and I thought, with this recession, the most many of us who can't find a suitable job is to equip ourselves with small scale business. In my next post, I would share skills you can learn in 6-12 months that would supplement your university degree and make you lot of money.

If you are looking for small scale businesses to start with as low as 5,000 naira, you have reached the right place.

Ten small scale businesses you can start with as low as five thousand Naira.

1. Zobo making; Zobo ingredients are not expensive, all you need to do is learn from someone who is good, make your product chilled and clean, set a target market.

2. Tiger nut (Ofio) juice making: Blend Tiger nut (Ofio) with date (dabinu), sieve till it's smooth. Pack in bottles and chill. It's one healthy choice of drink.

3. Fresh fruit blending: Start with two whole deliciously ripe watermelons, blend properly till it's smooth, pack in bottle and chill. You can then start mixing fruits to blend.

4. Tea making (hot and cold): People drink tea when they are out. As long as you are neat and your product is not expensive, people will patronize you. Neatness is key to tea making. Make healthy tea like green tea, coffee (Decaffeinated and caffeinated) along with other beverages.

5. Kunu making: Kunu making is also a great idea, learn from someone who is good at it, pack in a bottle and serve chilled. Be neat with your product.

6. Pap making: Making fresh pap for people who don't have time to make it is also a great business idea. You can add garlic and ginger to the pap to make it unique. Soak the grain in water, wash, blend and sieve till very smooth. Some may order for un-sieved pap.

7. Noodles and egg making: Cooking noodles and egg especially for bachelors, and people at work is a great business idea. All you need is prepare it in a nice way. It's a good thing that noodles is fast and easy to make. You can make your product unique by adding carrots and green peas along with other ingredients.

8. Breakfast making: Cooking breakfast for people going to work is a nice business idea. You can choose pap and moin-moin, Yam and egg or other breakfast meal.

9. Dinner making: Most people come back tired from work, think of the kind of food that will sell fast in your area as dinner alternatives for people.

10 Sliced fruits and milk; This is a really cool and easy business idea. Selling processed mixed variety of fruits entices people and makes your market unique. You can slice pawpaw, watermelon, coconut, apple, pineapple and banana, mix together and add milk to it. Serve chilled.

So all these are small scale business you could venture into with as low as 5,000 naira. You can learn all these processes in a short time, and then you apply proper packaging. Go ahead and make money!


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