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Which Is Actually Better, Between Benz Vs BMW?

Which Is Actually Better, Between Benz Vs BMW?

“Better”. The term “Better” is so multifaceted. But i will try to explain it from certain points of view.

1. When we talk about actual driving, BMW is usually considered the better driving machine. Their cars are most of the time lighter than the MB counterparts and thus are able to take on corners better, plus they are sporting one of the best manual shifters ever.

MB normally tries to overcome this by putting big engines in their models which can make them quite aggressive and unpredictable if you want them to be. But that brings up a second advantage of BMW. Due to their bigger weight and bigger engines, MB cars usually drink more fuel than their Bavarian counterparts. The difference may vary from model to model, but as far as I am concerned, BMW´s are usually described as being more fuel efficient.

2. When sitting inside them, the two cars again go into two directions. MB tries to make their interior as luxurious as possible. The driver gets cocooned in leather, a lot of chrome and wood, while giving everything a modern touch nowadays. BMW shifts more towards ergonomics. If you look into a 3-series for instance, you will see, that most things on the center console, including the radio, the little buttons and such are slightly leaning towards the driver, they are driver-oriented, making it easier for him/her to operate them while driving. So the first priorities are Luxury vs. Ergonomics.

3. As far as pricing is concerned, MB cars are usually considered a bit more expensive, with minor exceptions.

4. Model range: Now this is where MB can make up a lot of ground. While a lot of cars from both brands have their equivalent counterparts – take the 3-series and the C-Class for example – Mercedes-Benz does have some models, which just won´t find any competitors on the BMW side. The swabians are nowadays famous for building ferocious supercars like the MB SLR Maclaren, the gullwing SLS or the absolutely brilliant looking AMG GT. And you probably know about the G-Class as well? The big, bulky one? That is not an SUV, that thing is a proper offroader.

5. When it comes to styling, well let´s just say that both cars have their distinct shaping and a few characteristics defining them. BMW want their cars to appear as if they want to go forwards with the cabin positioned more at the rear of the car and the long bonnet. MB makes their cars very burgeoisie-like, with long wheelbases and bionic shapes.

6. Looking at target audience, BMW usually appeals more to younger drivers, whereas MB is more suited for older drivers. In recent years however, both brands are trying to expand their target audience. MB for example have launched the new A-Class in 2013, which unlike the old version really is a car that people and especially young people might want.
All in all, both brands have their ups and downs and while being similar in some points, differentiate in several crucial points.

Which do you think is better – Mercedes Benz or BMW? and why?

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