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Best Cars For First Timers With Budget Of Less Than 1m

Hi all... it no more a fable that young stars grow day by day as the dream of driving or owing a car fills their mind. However, most people make mistakes of choosing the wrong choices when it comes to owing their first car. Imagine a young graduate with a monthly income of 50k buying a Mercedes Benz, Volvo or Quest. I'm sure you know the implications already.

The thread is created as an eye opener for newbies and to as well discuss cars that are durable for these species.

I will list some cars here while Auto gurus can say what their experiences are as regards this cars... Golf 3, Golf 4, vento, Jetta, Toyota Corolla '99/'00, Micro, Nissan Primera, Nissan Almeria, Peugeot 206, 207, 306 and 307, Sunny Nissan, Nissan Micra, Audi, Mazda 323, 626 and Camry '99. One can get all these cars(TOKs) for 1m or less. Now let's give our opinions on them. Thanks!

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