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“i Don’t Support Lovers Relationship On Campus" Delsu best graduating student

DELSU best graduating student, Mr. Ossaiugbo Marcus Ifeanyi, of the department of mathematics, graduated with a CGPA of 4.86, making him the outstanding academic performer for the 2014/2015 session. In this interview with campusthree he tells us about himself, his choices and how he was able to achieve that feat.

Graduating with a CGPA of 4.86 comes with lots of reading. What was your reading strategy?

It actually comes with a lot of reading, but reading the relevant materials. I worked with personal study timetable which at most included two courses per day in each semester; strictly followed the courses on my timetable and set a limit on each course content to cover on daily basis. I read in the mornings and evenings, sometimes but not always in the afternoons which I usually set aside for my sweet sleep! In all I was faithful to my study timetable.

Were you an “Awoko” type of student?

I discovered that my rate of assimilation is higher during the day rather than night, so I quickly embraced reading during the day. More so, Awoko or “Al-night” reading does not help my concentration during lectures.

What do you think is the major reason why student fail in DELSU? Lack of love for the course and/or course Lecturer. When a student loves a particular course, the student will invest his/her time, interest and resources in the goal-oriented study of the course. This love also provokes the student into learning presentation patterns for answers to examination questions. Many student do not know how to present their ideas during examinations. This actually tells the lecturer your level of understanding of the course. This lack of love has actually made students to read “anyhow”, “off point” or not to read at all. In all, love for the course and course Lecturer is very important.

Mathematics has to do with lots of cramming, how do you cram?

I always start studying the thought theorems from the day of my resumption for each semester. Understanding the theorems is the best. The one you cannot understand, cram and keep practising them, it’ll be part of you and you’ll understand them someday. I had cramming notes for practise. When I’m done with my study timetable for the day, I would go through the theorem(s) before I sleep. I also had friends who practised theorems with me.

Did you set out to study mathematics, or did you it just happen by chance?

I actually applied for Computer Science (1st choice) and Mathematics (2nd choice). Fortunately, my choice of Institution placed me in my destined Course. I almost missed it, because I ignored the advice of friends who saw in me the potential to excel in Mathematics. I cannot forget Miss Chineye Ajede who was always advising me to apply for Mathematics. I thank God that at last he brought me back on track.

Where there any other awards that you received throughout your university days?

Yes. Destiny Helpers International IQ Test Award, Department of Mathematics 100 level Best Academic Student, Former DELSU Vice Chancellor Prof. Eric Arubayi Awards for Faculty Best Students, and Baptist Student Fellowship Best Graduating Student.
At what level did you find out that you had a chance of becoming the best grad student for your set?

300 level first semester.

Was there any close competitor?

Yes. Mr. Ipogah David from Animal and Environmental Biology (AEB) who graduated with 4.79 CGPA.

Throughout your stay in DELSU, what do you think was the major challenge facing the student?

Lack of enough money to help student’s comfort.

What is the major reason for student poor performance in DELSU? As I earlier pointed out, student’s poor performance can be attributed to:

misplaced destiny,
the student’s inadequate love for the semester courses and/or the course lecturers, and
lack of fund for study materials and student’s comfort.

What are the three places people would likely find you during your undergraduate days?

Learning and/or Reading in the class or library,
Worshipping my Creator in Church or Fellowship, and
Normal stuff in my hostel.

What is that one social activities that you always participated in?

Helping my Coordinator in organising my level mates for Departmental Meetings.

Relationship on campus. What’s your take?

Academic-based relationship is normal, but when it comes to lovers relationship, abnormality usually sets in. The truth is, LIFE IS IN STAGES. One step at a time. I don’t support lovers relationship on campus, except for the ones that are already married before gaining the admission to study. Lovers relationship hinders growth and success. At its best, the one or both parties end up a Mediocre in academic achievement. Such relationship breeds hurt, sin, lack of concentration, foolish expenses, misplaced priority and regrets. Thus, I don’t support lovers relationship on campus for the student who really want to excel.

Did you participate in school student politics?

Yes. Good and effective leadership is part of my lifestyle. I really participated in school student politics, but mostly at departmental level. I exercised my right as a Voter even in SUG elections. In my final year, I wanted to contest for NAMSN President, Delsu Chapter. NAMSN stands for National Association for Mathematics Students of Nigeria. As a conscious Christian, I stepped down when I received a revelation about the leadership position; although this did not go down well with my course mates who actually wanted me there. We must note that engaging in student politics is not bad, but one must know why he/she is in the university or higher institution.

Can you say on a scale of 1-10, how religious were you on campus?

Well… I’ll say 8. In my academic pursuit, I never forgot the place of our great Jehovah. I maintained my worship with The Baptist Student Fellowship (BSF) and Our Saviour Chapel, Abraka. I tried as much as possible to attend almost all Fellowship weekly activities. I love DESTINY CLINIC, BIBLE STUDY and COURSE FORM NIGHT. I cannot forget Pastor Gaga, Pastor Kester, MD Peter, Papa Israel, Igbecha and MD Silas. I was an Academic Director in BSF. I’m proud to be part of God’s family.

You stayed at Abraka hall, a school hostel, was that also a contributing factor to your success?

Yes. I’m grateful to God Almighty for taking me to Abraka Hall. I loved Abraka Hall from the very beginning. The proximity to school, cafe, library and shuttle stand, well arranged reading room, presence of other serious minded students, rules and regulations made me to see the truth about the university and my destiny. In fact, it was when I represented Abraka Hall in the Destiny Helpers International IQ Test that I won my first award in the university.

As the best graduating student, people promised you a lot of things. Are people fulfilling their promise?

Yes. To the glory of God, all promises have been fulfilled. Jehovah remains a faithful God.

Immediate employment for the best grad student so said the governor. Have you collected your employment letter?

Yes I’ve collected my employment letter and Documentation have been made as well. Once again, I appreciate His Excellency, Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa and the entire governing council of Delta State University, Abraka for the Automatic Employment.

If you could change anything about DELSU, what would that be?

The way most students see mathematics. Some are afraid of mathematics, others don’t value mathematics as a course. I have a dream that very soon, the whole world will be looking up to Delsu Mathematicians for all Mathematical and engineering solutions to problems facing humanity.

Looking back today, do you have any regrets?

No. I’m proud of everything that happened and every action I’ve taken back then in my undergraduate days at Delta State University, Abraka. I have no regrets.

Looking forward, what should we be expecting from you?

PPM. Yes! Practical Professor of Mathematics. By God’s grace, I’ll be among the Mathematicians that Jehovah will use to make the world a better place.

Tell us what you think in the comments below, about his opinion on study plan, cramming, relationship on campus, student welfare and the no love for mathematics by students. You could also drop your congratulatory message for him to see here. It’s never too late.

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