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My Husband Has Become A Pain In My Neck

Hi matured minds
I need an honest advice here. My husband has become a stumbling block for me, whenever i bring any opnion to him he sees the negative aspect only . i told him i want to learn hair dressing he goes against it, there was a time i got a job in airport hotel went against it.
Now why am so depressed and sad is that i have went to field to train because i cannot afford money to attend GYM house what he have to say is that that place is not secure becos of thugs.
This is a kind of man who doesnt contribute to my getting a befiting work, all he does condemn anything i do
Am a Gospel artist , he wont allow me go for outings especially night vigils. Am i not in trouble already or what can i do?
He is also violent and a bully


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