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My Husband Wants Divorce And Custody Of Our Child He Never Catered For!

Late 2016, I got messages from friends on Facebook asking me what happened to my marriage as my husband had created a new Facebook name and has been sending them a petition filed against me for divorce and custody of our child. I was advised to ignore as the petition was 1. not signed and 2. he didn't send it to me or any of my immediate families but rather friends on Facebook with this which am sure was to disgrace me. I only advised friends who contacted me to ignore him.

One may wonder what will such a man still have to claim after all he and his parents did? Yes he claimed a lot of lies such as...we were in our matrimonial home and he went to work on this fateful day and by the time he return I had escaped the house(All who followed my story knows I was in his parents house while he was in Dubai until 2015 when he visited and beat me to pulp in 8months old pregnancy and left in march 2015 back to Dubai). That I attempted abortions severally. That I did patronized herbalist and confessed to him. That I labored our first child for hours and ended up with CS...These and many more.

Well, the annoying part is that this guy went to court and have them issued a court proceeding to my Aunt whose house the traditional (in our absent) was done in 2014 stating that was the address they know me to be residing. Well, I had to get all hands on desk as I wish to have my Aunt and her family out of all this mess. He is requesting divorce and custody of our baby. Since May 2015 when I left up to this moment,the only support he give was 40k which he send 20k each for September/October 2015 and has not given any support to the growth and welfare of the child aside that up till now. It has been me alone. Now he wants custody of a 2+ year old child he knows nothing about.

I have been talking to a Lawyer whom I want to take up the case. This is my story people. We all fall in love at one point in our lives, and this is what i got from the one man i ever loved , this is where my feelings has led me. The heart of man is desperately wicked as the Bible says. I am 1001% not guilty of his false and lying accusations, I know God is by my side and I will grow this child to be the a better woman and a loving human.

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