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What is your position on abortion?

I knew someone would request this answer.

Like most millennials, I happen to be pro-choice.

I’m gonna give the pro-lifers a second to say stuff like “But Bible!” or “But kids!” or something like that.

First, get the whole God concept out of my comment section. Truth is, not everyone knows nor cares whether or not a hypothetical deity gets butthurt over an unborn bundle of cells.



Second, kids aren’t the miracles everyone claims them to be. They’re messy, sticky, loud, and a pain in the ass. Also did I mention expensive? Children are a huge financial burden on even the most well-prepared parents, but imagine the expenses for unprepared parents or single mothers. Plus, governments don’t always do a good job taking care of the lower class (ironically the legislators that are pro-life are also anti-welfare and essentially don’t care about people that have already been born).

Financial insecurity + kids = even more people living in poverty.

Third — and this should be obvious but not all legislators use common sense — a woman should never have to carry to term the result of rape or incest. Both are pretty scarring as is, but imagine needing to physically carry the consequences for nine months and then taking care of said consequence for the next 18 or so years. Plus, babies conceived by incest are at a higher risk for genetic disorders and birth defects due to a lack of genetic variety.

Rape and incest + kids = genetic disorders and/or psychological damage to the mother

Also, no child should come into this world unwanted. Trust me on this. Kids who were unplanned are statistically more likely to suffer from child abuse because their parents see them as a mistake or dead weight. Chronic abuse can lead to issues such as drug use, crime, or mental illness especially when the kid becomes a teenager.

Unwanted pregnancy + kids = abuse

Conversely, kids might be left at orphanages or foster homes. At first glance, people see it as okay because they’ll find new homes in time, right? WRONG. The foster care system almost guarantees a dismal future for unadopted kids once they grow up. 20% become homeless, 50% are unemployed, 25% suffer from PTSD, and under 3% of foster kids will earn a college degree. Oh, and one more thing: 71% of girls will be pregnant by the age of 21. And without abortions, guess what pregnancies lead to? More babies and more children entering the foster care system. Can you see this downward spiral now?

Unwanted kids + foster homes = a grim future

Overall, here’s a suggestion to all the pro-lifers: mind your own damn business and give women control of their futures instead of consigning them to an undesired and unneeded weight on their shoulders.

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