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10 Ways To Spot Dogs Owned By Poor People

Some dogs are not properly taken care of due to lack of care, food, shelter and financial instability on the part of the owners.

You might want to know the ways to spot dogs that are owned by the poor, Tosyne2much has highlighted the characters usually exhibited by these dogs

1. They are chronic Flirts

When you see male dogs loitering the street unnecessarily, beer it in mind that they belong to the poor because their movements are not restricted by their owners. Therefore, they constitute nuisance and become thugs in the society when they stand the chance to flirt by parading one street to another looking for other local dogs to shine their congo. The funniest thing is that that they can scroll from Lagos to Ibadan and will return home safely without getting lost

2. They don't comprehend English

Most dogs that are owned by the poor are not brought up with "speech decoding" ability. It's just a waste of time speaking English to these dogs because they will make you look like a slowpoke. When you tell them "shut up", that's when they will begin to bark and when you tell them "sit down" that's when they will defaecate.

3. They bear ridiculous Names

You can easy spot the dogs owned by the poor by the names given to them. While rich people give their dogs cute names like Wristbangle, Seun Osewa, Sparkey, Messi; the poor give their dogs ridiculous names such as "Bingo, Jay Jay Okocha, Papa Ajasco, Chinedu, Chukwudi, Airforce1, Lalasticlala, etc) cheesy

4. They are usually spotted in waste bins

Since these dogs are not well feed, they hustle for their daily meal and seek stomach infrastructure by rummaging people's waste bins in search of food so that they won't die of starvation. They're usually spotted in canals, PSP refuse disposal centre, etc

5. They look Unkempt, Tattered and Battered

When you see a dog looking so ugly, unkempt, handicap, tattered and battered, you don't need trace it to its house before you know that it belongs to the poor. Some of them are prone to rabies and other diseases as they are not regularly bathed, neither have they for once been taken to the veterinary for injections or diagnosis of diseases. You will always see lice on their body and flies chasing them everywhere.

6. They become your Friend at the sight of Food

No matter how harsh some of them claim to be, food is their weak point. They start wagging their tails and will become friends with anyone that offers them food, unlike those aggressive trained dogs that will devour both you and your food.

7. They lack Comportment

I can't even recall the number of ladies (crush) that have turned me due to the fact that my dog has vehemently disgraced me in their presence. These dogs lack compartment that, when you offer a visitor food, that's when these dogs will surface from nowhere and will begin to wag their tails with flies hovering around their ears. In fact, some of them no go allow the visitor enjoy the food as they will be dragging the food with him or her

8. They attend Parties for Leftovers

The dogs owned by poor people are easily spotted in public parties such as burial, naming, house warming, etc. The moment these dogs see people parking chairs, tables and canopies to a particular location, these dogs are filled with joy because they know they stand a chance to eat exotic meals. The moment the party begins, they take positions at the party for leftovers

9. They Bark at the wrong time

They hardly bark when they see a stranger not, unlike the dogs owned by the rich people who don't tolerate strangers. Many will agree with Tosyne2much that the dogs owned by poor people normally bark at the wrong time. For example, when thieves arrive, they bury their heads in a safe place just to avoid stray bullets but when you carry woman come house, that's when they display their lunacy and won't allow her into the compound.

10. They usually eat Faeces

Those who live in villages will agree with me that some of these dogs owned by poor people (especially in the village) usually eat faeces. Each time their children defaecate, they whisper the name of the dog to come to lick up the baby's butt and faces too. This isn't an exaggerate or something, I have experienced it in Ekiti quite a few number of times.

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Written by: Hon Tosyne2much

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