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How do I succeed without having a degree, skill, knowledge and money?

I am stuck in a dead end job and want more in life.

I’m in my 30’s and don’t want to be a failure.

I would appreciate any advice you could give me.

Thank you.



1. You've got more than most people. You've got drive.

Now you just have to channel it the right way. You just need to keep on taking action. Keep doing things towards your goals and something will fall into place, sooner or later.

Meet other entrepreneurs, read business websites, look for opportunities, etc…


I like you.

Many people want to change, but don’t do anything about it. But I can tell that you are willing to do what it takes to improve yourself. Assuming an individual has none of the things you mentioned, people, at the very least, have personality.

The good bosses, the ones I learn most from, hire individuals based on personality not skill-set, knowledge, or educational background because while those things are acquirable, personality is something that can’t be trained because YOU train it.

I asked my boss, “Why did you you hire me?” I am nowhere near the age of my colleagues, I do not have a degree (yet), and the only professional experience I had was 4 months of being in an internship, yet he trusted me. During the interview I gave him my resume, he glanced at it, asked me a few questions, and gave it back to me. To him, my background did not matter. What mattered the most was me.

I vocalize this to my clients, I have it as my PC lock screen, and I repeat it to myself everyday, “I am either the best or one of the best. There’s no way around it.” and not yet, but someday, I 100% know that I will be the “best” in my endeavors. Not for the purpose of being overly conceited, but because I am a firm believer in conveying what I want to the Universe. I dislike it when my friends complain to me about not having money, good health, or good grades. Everyone is capable of change, regardless of external circumstances or professional background, because it’s all in the power of the mind.




I have no doubt that you can succeed, if you put in the work to become something great. Find better job opportunities. If you can, try sales. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you’re a “natural salesman” or don’t have the personality for it. You can learn from trial and error. Or don’t try sales and find a different opportunity that will grow yourself. Anything that will help you grow is absolutely fantastic.

Focus on you—your effort and attitude—the rest (money, improved lifestyle, etc.) will come.

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