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May God Save Us From These Vulcanizers [Takes 3.5 bar to be 35]

So I wanted to make a quick trip from Lagos to Ogun state this morning and as part of routine check up i decided to check my tyre pressure, pulled out my digital meter and one of the tyres was reading 28psi. Recommended pressure is 33 but I normally inflate to 35. Drove to this vulcanizer (or should I say fukerniser) and told him to inflate to 35. After he was done I checked myself with my own meter and to my surprise if was inflated to 75 psi. Wtf. I told the guy I wanted 35, he said he thought I said 45. Even if I said 45 how is that even close to 75?

So he deflated it and said it was ok, I checked again it was 60. I said it's too much, he deflated again and said that's 35. I now checked with his own meter and to my surprise he was reading the bar unit on his meter instead of psi. So he was taking 3.5 bar to be 35 psi which is actually 55psi. The idiot told me that my car is an SUV that I shouldn't deflate it further. I just told him not to worry, deflated it myself until it got to 35psi.

Pic 1: the meter the vulcanizer was using.

Pic 2: my own digital meter.

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