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Mimi Ubini: "An Actor Had An Erection Playing Romantic Role With Me”

Sexy and multi- talented Nollywood actress, Mimi Ubini is one of the gorgeous damsels making waves in the movie industry. The curvy actress who gets men drooling over her Instagram pictures , is a center of attention whenever she steps into a place.

At a recent award ceremony, men were staring seductively at her. Speaking in an interview with TheNewsGuru, she spoke on her most challenging role, stating that an actor had an erection playing a romantic role with her.

"It’s a nasty role, I won’t want to play such a role in the future. In the movie, I stole my friend’s boyfriend and made love to him. While playing the role, we had to act a sex scene. I was professional while interpreting it, but he wasn’t. He had an erection" 

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