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Lagos Emergency Response Works; Saved A Life - True Story

Lagos Emergency Response Works; Saved A Life - True Story

About two weeks ago, my uncle was ambushed by robbers who left him for dead somewhere on the island... The good part is someone saw his condition and called Lagos emergency response at about 2pm "most people think they are a joke... Well, they ain't ".
They got to the location asap and applied first aid treatment then conveyed him to several clinics that turned him down until they got to LASUTH by 8pm. LASUTH admitted him and thankfully he survived..

I don't know who that good Samaritan was that made that call... The call that saved a life.. I say #ThankYou... Most people would have turned a blind eye... No one wants to get associated with a criminal case especially with the false stories of incriminating yourself circulating..
PS: toll free emergency number - 112

Another great thanks goes to the Medical Emergency team.... Those guys are wonderful.. They spent their whole day taking care of someone they don't know... While with him in the van, they were a source of hope.. With the bad experiences I've had with the medical sector.. I was shocked to my bones to see their conduct.
I wish I could put up their names and pictures... my heart is really filled with gratitude..

There are alot of negativity about our conduct as Nigerians and there have also been good reports which means there's hope.... We can redeem our image...

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