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Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Getting Cancer

Among the numerous diseases that affect living beings, cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases, owing to its symptoms and mortality rates. In most cases, patients who suffer from cancer succumb to the disease, as the side effects can be fatal. Cancer is a disease in which there is an abnormal multiplication of cancerous cells, which eventually destroy the tissues and organs.Some of the most common types of cancer are breast cancer, colon cancer, blood cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and a few others.

We do know that cancer is a dangerous disease which can slowly kill the person affected, even though treatment is given.Certain types of cancer are extremely hard to treat and the fatality rates are very high. The root cause of cancer majorly depends on a person’s lifestyle. The healthier a person’s lifestyle is, the lesser the chances of him/her getting cancer.Here are some ways to reduce the risk of geting cancer.

Ways to reduce the risk of getting cancer are:

1.Laugh. Laughing heartily can reduce stress, which in turn can prevent the production of cancer-causing T-cells in the body.

2.Wear a hat and sunglasses when you head out during the day time and do not forget your sunscreen lotion; these habits can prevent skin cancer.

3.Have just 1 glass of beer or wine per day (not more). These beverages contain antioxidants that can prevent the abnormal multiplication of cells in the body.

4.Drinking coffee on a daily basis has known to reduce the risk of cancer in many people, by 40%, according to a research study.

5.Avoid giving your clothes for dry cleaning, as much as possible and wash them at home, because the chemicals used to dry clean your clothes contain carcinogens.

6.Consume foods that are rich in vitamin D, such as eggs and dairy products, as vitamin D can also prevent cancer to a great extent.

7.Avoid using perfumes, room fresheners and scented candles, as these perfumes added to these products can contain carcinogens.

These are the ways to reduce the risk of getting cancer.

1. laugh: as a typical Nigerian, this might be a little hard cuz people's default mood nowadays is just angryangryangry
para mode activated.

2. wear a hat and sun glasses : presently, the weather is kinda cool in most in Nigeria, not sure what's happening in the northern part though. so regarding hats and sunglasses, I'll pass.

3. have one glass of beer or wine per day : now I've got a problem with this. this would definitely be abused cuz glass comes in different sizes. most people will misconcept this.

4. drinking coffee on a daily basis : oh please, this is Nigeria and not the western world, coffee is not our thing, Milo/Bournvita might have been given a second thought if it's an option.

5. Avoid giving your clothes to dry cleaners : not many people buy this idea, like me nah, I'm presently washing at the moment and at the same time typing this "whatever it is that I'm typing". so I'll say it's only a negligible fractions that patronises the laundry services.

6. consume foods rich in vitamin D: vitamin D?, what does that even mean.

7. avoid using perfumes and air freshener : those should be replaced with camphor and otapiapia.

8. AVOID CONSUMING CAN FOODS AND MICROWAVED FOODS: I actually expected this to top the list, but unfortunately, it wasn't even deemed fit to be on the list. Only God's know who composed this.

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