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The Incompetency Of The Npower Team

Good morning house. I just want to share my experience with Npower volunteer network.
I have been unemployed for a long time .Then when the federal government announced about Npower programme, I applied, wrote the online test and was shortlisted when the list of successful candidates came out. My joy knew no bound not knowing that it's the beginning of my frustration. I was posted to one primary school in my locality. I resumed immediately with out any delay.

To my dismay, when they started paying, I was not paid among so many others. That's when the story started. Month of March, they invited us the unpaid two times to come and put down our names that they want to take it to Abuja which we did, nothing happened. The same thing happened in April still nothing happened. I have sent countless of email to them, they finally replied that I will be paid, they didn't pay. They now started calling all the unpaid volunteers to ask for their information which I gave them, still I was not paid. Then June, they gave out numbers to reach them with to make a complaint. I called them two time and gave them my information twice. They said that they are processing it that I and others will be paid at the end of June. Now they have paid for June yet I was not paid. I have been working tirelessly since my posting yet nothing to show for it, while others are sitting at home and have been receiving payment. It's really frustrating and I don't think I can go on with it any longer. I know there are people that are experiencing what I am facing now. Let us speak out and expose them for what they have made us pass through. The teachers in my school even contributed money for me to encourage me(may God bless them).: please Government should do something about this before they embezzle people's money. It's my right, I worked for it. Let them pay me.


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