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Mass Failure Going On at National Open University of Nigeria [NOUN]

Mass Failure Going On at National Open University of Nigeria [NOUN]

This has been a very disturbing issue on the heart of students. In this second batch of the National Open University of Nigeria (noun) 2016, noun have been out of the league, if I would say.

Noun is said to be an online/distance learning institution but for over some months now the students have not been able to assess the school portal, and this has resulted in some major issues with some student not being able to complete their registration, pay their fees or submit their test (Tma).

Noun, being aware that there is no way to communicate or pass announcement to students, without even sending out text messages to them, went ahead to fix an examination.
I have never heard where a distance learning institution is operating an exam when their portal is not accessible. Noun didn’t only block out the students from not being able to access their private portal they also made most of them not to be able to write their test without any reasonable explanation on why the portal shut down.
With all this happening, 95 percent of the students who are writing their exams have been recording mass failure in all the 3 exams that have taken place, with no student scoring up to 50 in the exams.
The scores have been circling from 0-30 and with that, students have been complaining but noun officials seems to be putting on deaf ears to their complains. There have also been complains of malfunctioning computers and incomplete questions having no solutions in them but still no staff is giving any response to it and no official is wanting to resolve or bring solution to it.
Most students are angry and are saying the exam should stop till a time when the portal is rectified, even if it will take all through the year, than for them to be treated as if they don’t matter at all.

Sent in by: Concerned NOUN students.

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