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Where's The Best Place To Live In Lagos Mainland?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm thinking of relocating to Lagos, and I'd like some valuable information. I have already narrowed down my areas of interest to just four locales:

1. Ajao Estate
2. Gbagada
3. Surulere
4. Ikeja -not OPIC/Isheri North

I chose these areas because because of their relative centrality (if we could call it that), ease of access -I can easily navigate my way to the Island, Airport etc- and the possibility of getting relatively new homes. Alternative suggestions particularly around those areas are highly welcome. Now my questions are as follows:

Which would you recommend based on the following criteria:

1. Serenity
2. Electricity/Power -looking for relatively stable power o (not 24 hours before una go yab me that I can supplement with gen/inverter
3. Possibility of securing new or relatively new homes (it doesn't make sense to fork over 5 times the value of what I'm paying where I'm located now for a similar build)
4. Security
5. Accessibility - Tarred, interlocked roads or well graded roads at the very least.
6. No flooding

Also, if you could also recommend specific estates, that would be really helpful.

Please note: I'm a bachelor looking to settle down sometime soon. So, proximity to good schools and all those other family-based decisions aren't a priority right now. Also, I'm not exactly interested in moving to the island for now. I no get strength to battle flooding issues lol.

I'm hoping this thread would also be beneficial to other folks with similar interests. Thank you.

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