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[MUST READ!] 2018 Post UTME Success Tips For All Jambites

Success in your Post UTME is possible if you can follow the steps outlined in this very write-up. Many people desired to succeed but only few eventually make it. Many are involved in a race but only one person will end up taking the trophy. There are things that happen to us that are out of our reach. Call Akahi Tutors – 08038644328
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Some of them are cause by our action. You have a role to play in your success in life and there is a Divine Power that is also at work which you need to associate yourself with to keep everything in place. The Divine power here is God. You need only God and your determined self to be able to succeed. At this very moment, I will discuss the role you have to play in order to succeed.
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The Role you need to play in order to have High Score

Success is not an orange that fall on people when it is over ripe. There are actions that produce success in life that is connected to you as a student. They are:

  1. Getting too Busy to Read: If you fail to read, forget it. There is no magic to it. You can never never pass your Post UTME if you are too busy to read. Even the finest cutlass can hardly cut down a tiny tree when the edge of the blade is blunt. Please, if you know you want to get into School this year, forget over night reading, do it now. Success is not cheap. To fail is easy. Just don’t do anything and you are bound to fail. But you cannot succeed without doing something reasonable. Stop visiting everybody if you want to succeed.
  2. Don’t Expect Help From Anybody: The beginning of failure starts from the day you begin to depend on somebody for assistance. Don’t expect any help from anybody except God. The association of you and God is more than enough. Do it yourself. I want you to have the confidence that man has nothing to give you. Don’t be deceived, if anybody approached you and demanded that they can help you, run for your dear life. They are trying to programme your early life with an indefinite failure by trying to render a short-lived assistance that won’t last beyond now. What you don’t work for can never last. As a matter of fact, you may not understand the technicality of how to make it next time. When you get into school, will they be there to help you again? So don’t start what you can’t finish. Do it yourself by reading. Let your brain sweat by reading. Reading expounds your brain.
  3. Develop Early Confidence: If you start reading before any school ever think of starting their Post UTME, I can guarantee you that your level of boldness will increase with time. Fear will vanish and you can easily succeed with joy. Success has a formular. The formular is not hidden. The formular of success is to start reading now. If you can’t read by yourself, look for tutorial and start attending to boost your confidence.
  4. Try your Hand on Past Questions: Get previous past questions and start reading. Get use to the questions and practice regularly with it. It boosts your confidence. Practicing with previous past questions give you an idea on what is likely to happen. This will keep you prepare for what is about to happen.

 5. Increase your Reading Speed: Time is not cheap, increase your reading speed every time you sit down to read or when you are in the class. This is a proof that you are improving. You are not reading to be better than anybody but to improve yourself. If you are not improving then I doubt if you can pass easily with flying colours.

6. God Factor: Whatever you do without God will never last. Always commit everything you want to do into the hands of God. If God is not involve, you can’t make it. It is not by power neither by might. Your struggle without the help of God may end up in frustration. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

 You will Succeed

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