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Write The News You want us to publish Here. Call: 08038644328 If You want it publish immediately:It has always been this way from the time immemorial; the few rich always want to have all to themselves to get richer, wishing the rest multitude to get poorer, but this system of life will not continues in this our Great Country Nigeria in era of President Mohamed Buhari, NO WAY!!! The Young shall and must grow to be who they are meant to be.

In the year 2012, JAMB introduces this online registration that requires Finger Print and it was a welcome idea because it indicate or signifies a technological advancement. And of course it was and is. But, this technological advancement was not pure and transparent, it was geared toward crushing those infant firms that they thought of crushing to nothing. With the evil motive, they (JAMB) introduce CAFE ACCREDITATION SCHEME because they feel that, even though those infant Cafes/Firms could buy the Finger Print Machine, most of them will not be able to afford to pay Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000.00) to be accredited, so they will fade away. But, unfortunately for them, this never came to reality as most of the Cafes at least above 85% were enable to Pay the Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000.00) to be accredited, hence such infant Cafes were not crushed as they intended them to be.

Of course, this Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000.00) was call a Refundable Monitoring Fee for accreditation and that we should send our Bank Account Details that the Money will be paid back at the end of the E-registration Process (not to charge above N700 per registration). But at the end of the 2012 JAMB registration, the money was not refunded, instead JAMB brought up a different policy in 2013 to SWALLOW UP that money, which of course is a breach of Contract, A SHOW OF UNACCOUNTABILITY AND A CRIMINAL ACT.

In 2014 again cafe where meant to pay another N10,000 again before they can register student for jamb exam. And behold, it has now come to this point that Cafes should not register JAMB again but Institutions only should. THIS IS A FOUL PLAY! The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
That, JAMB had a meeting with some Institutions' Leaders to Privatize/Monopolize JAMB E-Registration exercise so as to gather from the public all to themselves, leaving empty the people (CAFE OPERATOR) that need this E-registration to assist them improve their living.

And that if anyone will ever be able to access accreditation, such Cafe/Person will spend not less than Three Hundred Thousand Naira (N10,000,000.00) adding to a good tight arrangement with JAMB Senior Official.
That, ICT Advancement is meant for making things easy for all both the rich and the poor. And it is out rightly wrong for anyone or group of persons to make things difficult for the public in the name of Advancing Technology in any sector to exploit the public.
That, JAMB Registration Card has been designed to be sold for N5000, and there is a hidden N500, added to it now amounting to N5500. Then, after registering this form with the help the OFFLINE MACHINE which off course an advantage of Advancement in Technology, such registration will only be submitted upon the payment of N700/N800. Why must the CITIZENS of this COUNTRY be exploited this way, THIS IS EXPLOITATION ON THE MASSES.

Oversea School Applications online are access from comfort of our rooms, fill online and submitted as much as the application fee is been paid, why then won't we be allowed to access our own from the comfort of our Bathroom. (It needs to be easier)

That, we are not just Self-Employed but are creating job opportunities to many other Nigerian Citizens who would have been roaming the street to commit one crime or the other if not for our effort to make needs meet, providing such job opportunities. Therefore, frustrating these Cafes/Entrepreneurial firms (Small or Big) is invariably a frustration to thousand of the Nigerian Youths hence encouraging Roaming the street.

That, we are Self-Employed Citizens of this Great Country Nigeria. We chose to be Entrepreneurs because we know that Government alone will not and cannot be able to employ all citizens and we do not want to be roaming the street hopelessly.

That, there are some villages far away and separated by Kilometers of road from the cities and some other villages are far away and separated by Kilometers of waters/rivers from the cities which spend above Eight Thousand Naira (N8,000.00) for to and fro transport to be able to Register in these Cities based Center. For this economic reason, we the Cafe Operation go to these village to register the prospective student in such villages to reduce transport expense for the poor parents as some of these JAMB Candidates will have to travel far to other states for such exams, thereby exposing them to all forms of danger. While all the Jamb CBT centre are in the cities of the state none of them are in the villages for student and some state like Bayelsa state has only five Jamb CBT to serve the entire eight (8) Local Government Area of the state with only one computer per CBT to be used that means only five computer to serve the whole Bayelsa state when we are not in the analog/manual age. The house should come to the aid of the Nigeria unemployed youths because Jamb is all out to exploit the Nigeria masses.
That, Our leader should encourage us (the youth and the middle age) to engage in entrepreneurial activities and not anything contrary.
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