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I Caught Him Red Handed Chatting With Mistress On Facebook & WhatsApp | Pls. Help My Husband

I Caught Him Red Handed Chatting With Mistress On Facebook & WhatsApp | Pls. Help My Husband

Help, Trouble In My Marriage

Hello Everyone,

I have been married for a year and half. I thought hubby and i have been living happily and i would've swore he was faithful. A few days ago i saw that a random lady messaged him on Facebook and they got talking. I was shocked at first to see that he was chatting her up. Fast forward to yesterday I checked his phone and saw that himself and the lady had more conversation and what started as facebook chat had progressed from phone calls to whatsapp chat. The content of their chat seems they were eventually planning to hook up.

I confronted hubby but he wasn't remorseful and told me he doesn't owe me faithfulness and went on to sleep in the other room. Hubby and I pray together and are looking towards a very bright future together, this is not something i really saw coming from him. I am very troubled in my heart and pregnant for our first baby. He dozent feel any atom of pity that the whole issue might cause me problems and I have been wondering what has come over him. I am 100 percent faithful to my hubby and want the union to work out. I am at work typing and holding back tears. Please i need advise from mature people in the house, how do i deal with the situation. I am in my late 20s, he is in his late 30s.


1. To be sincere with you,all men are like that including me,but I will just say women cause most of it,let me ask some questions,what are the things u av stop doing to ur husband? Are u still attractive to him? My experience I av with my wife was that when she got pregnant she started refused me sex and dress anyhow she likes, and to be frank with u don't expect men to forget all the enjoyment when he was single just like that,I will advice u not to fight with him but know what he want from you and also pray to God to bring him back to u,I know he will come back to you,that was what my wife did and I av changed now and we are happy



Don't follow me that advice above.

All men are not like that! Quit generalizing.

Your husband claims he does not owe you faithfulness, that there is the problem.

He owes you all that, but I think this bothers on trust already, have you given him a chance to suspect you before?

He was not like that, something has triggered him and it may be from you or the friends he keep.

This is why you need a little drama in your relationship.


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