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A schoolboy made a phone that does not need airtime


There are many talented individuals in the society, people who are considered geniuses due to their creativity and ability to produce objects that are considered useful.

A grade 12 schoolboy in Namibia has broken the internet by creating a sim-less mobile phone that does not need airtime. This means that the phone can make calls without loading any credit card on it.

Simon Petrus who is a student at Abraham Iyambo senior secondary school made the phone using spare parts from a television set and a phone. The sim-less phone has power supplied to it through a radiator and is able to make calls using radio frequencies.

The phone does not only make calls, it also allows the user to watch a television channel on it because it was created using a radio system that is attached to a box.

The making of this phone is not Petrus’ maiden attempt at invention. He was reported to have invented a dual purpose machine which dries seeds and also act as a cooler at the same time.

This invention made him win a gold medal at the national level. The parents of this young lad have always been his pillar of support; they believe so much in him as they keep sponsoring him despite the fact that they are unemployed. Young Petrus wants his invention to be a huge success so he would be encouraged to move on from that point.

Petrus’ invention is considered to be the latest in the sets of inspiring and creative projects handled by students in that part of the world.

It is inspiring seeing the young ones in the society taking on projects that are educative, challenging and motivating at the same time.

In the same region, Joshua Nghaamwa has been said to create a satellite from radio parts, cell phones and other electronics around. This satellite was made in order to improve the speed of internet connectivity in that region. The satellite device created can be connected to a modem and phone through the USB port.

The young satellite inventor wants to do this as his own contribution to the development of ICT in Africa as he aspires to have his work sold in the African markets.

Nigerians are also working hard when it comes to inventing objects. The intriguing part of their creativity is that some of these people do not have access to education.

It is exciting seeing people who have never been to school put things together and make something remarkable.

Some months back, a Nigerian constructed a car using wood and the engine of a motorcycle. This means the young man has cells of creativity embedded in him.

There are other talented Nigerians who have come up with one innovative project or the other in the past few months.

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