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How long would it take to get to the moon with today's technology?

The Apollo missions used a near minimum energy trajectory to the moon, a trajectory in which the spacecraft outbound from Earth slowed almost to a stop before falling toward the moon, then slowed again on the way back, before falling toward the Earth.

This orbit takes about three days each way. If you want to burn more fuel, you can get to the moon much faster, but it would take a LOT more fuel—more to burn on the way out, more to slow down once you get there, and more to move all the extra fuel you have to bring along.

No one is likely to do that, at least not with any sort of chemical rocket. Fuel is heavy, and it’s much, much, much cheaper to carry a few extra pounds of oxygen, CO2 scrubbers, and shrimp cocktail than to go faster and launch tens of thousands more pounds of fuel.

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