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Life of Staff and Students is Precious in UI

Life of Staff and Students is Precious in UI

Universities as centres for knowledge creation and dissemination are conceived as a democratizing space which should enable both female and male staff and students to realize their full potentials. However, complaints of sexual harassment are believed to be rampant in many Nigerian and African universities. They are deeply troubling and constitute a violation of human rights and academic freedom. Sexual harassment dampens self esteem, hampers social interactions and discourages other students. It is a form of corruption. The Nigerian Government and Non Governmental Organizations like Women Against Rape and Sexual Harassment and Exploitation have attempted at various times to curtail sexual harassment.

The University of Ibadan, in line with its commitment to transformative processes in higher education deliberately initiated and worked to produce a sexual harassment policy. Its objective is to cultivate and maintain a working and learning environment that reflects respect for the dignity of all members of our community, thereby stimulating and supporting an environment free of sexual harassment and gender-based violence.

This Sexual Harassment (SH) Policy is the product of a highly participatory process, involving all segments of the University in extensive discussions about its purpose, expected outcomes and strategies for ensuring its implementation and sustainability. The University is very proud of the rigorous work of the Gender Mainstreaming Committee and other stakeholders. The participatory approach gives the university community a sense of ownership of the policy.

The Gender and Sexual Harassment Policy document s were adopted by the University Senate at its meeting of 14 August, 2012



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This is a landmark achievement for the University and an important milestone on the Gender Mainstreaming Programme of the institution. The policy is an instrument of progress which facilitates the creation of a gender-friendly space for all. With all modesty, the University of Ibadan is the first University to produce and adopt SH Policy in Nigeria. On this note, the University has a Gender Mainstreaming Office under the leadership of the Principal Investigator of the University of Ibadan Gender Mainstreaming Programme, Dr. Stella O. Odebode.

Finally, It is pertinent to state that the University has an inclusive process of disciplining its staff and students through the Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee, Junior Staff Disciplinary Committee and Students’ Disciplinary Committee.

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