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Watch! The Ultimate Cause Of UNIOSUN Student Adebisi Rofiat Death

Watch! The Ultimate Cause Of UNIOSUN Student Adebisi Rofiat Death

Osun state police Command has paraded two suspects in connection with the murder of a female Student of the Osun State University late last year.

One of the suspects Elijah Oyebode according to the commissioner of police Fimihan Adeoye, has confessed to killing the victim and dumping her remains somewhere in Iragbiji, Boripe Local government Area of Osun state.

Adebisi Rofiat Damilola, a four hundred level student of Chemistry Education was found dead on December 22nd 2016, after boarding a vehicle from ipetu-jesha where her school campus is located.

The suspect, Elijah who was the driver of the commercial vehicle, claimed the deceased willingly followed him home, after agreeing to his advances.

"I toasted her and she agreed to follow me home, which she did. After having sexual intercourse with her, I went to the bathroom to clean up only to return to the room and found her dead"

"I thought she was pretending, so I bite on the thigh, but all efforts to bring her back to life was futile. Later that night, at 11 0clock when everybody had slept off, I switched the security light of the house off, drove her corpse off, and abandoned it along Ayekanle Egbede Iragbiji road"

Elijah also said he did everything by himself with no help from a second person.

He disclosed that he only sold the deceased I-phone 5 mobile to the second suspect paraded by the police, Yusuf Ajibade.

Commissioner Adeoye said, investigations are still on going and assured that the suspects would be arraigned in court very soon.

Paraded along Elijah and Yusuf, were a middle aged man Ismaila Afolabi for allegedly killing his client Saheed Afolabi over land matter, and a 32 year old Kazeem Ayoola for the murder of his biological mother of 85year, whom he claimed was responsible for his misfortunes.
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