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UNN Bio 152 Computer Based Test To Hold 24th July – See Batch by Batch Schedule

UNN Bio 152 Computer Based Test To Hold 24th July – See Batch by Batch Schedule

UNN Bio 152 [General Biology II] Computer Based Tests (CBT) for Second Semester (2016/2017) Session Examinations will hold on Monday, 24th July, 2017 at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, UNN from the hours of 8:00 to 15:00.

This is to inform all students registered for the General Biology II (Bio 152) examination of the need to get conversant with the following pieces of information before hand.

  • Comprehensive list of batches for the examination is attached hereunder for your VERY CAREFUL ATTENTION and NOTIFICATION.
  • Accreditation for the examination will commence at the open space at the base of the library and NOT AT THE CENTRAL STAIR CASE LEADING INTO THE LIBRARY.
  • Presentation of duly issued and endorsed UNN ID shall be the ONLY basis for admission into the examination hall.
  • ONLY candidates who registered duly for the course online can take the examination.
  • Candidates SHALL NOT be allowed entry into the library premises with items, like bags, laptops, books, headphones, phones, wallets etc.,
  • Before candidates leave the computer after taking the questions, they are advised to NOT FORGET TO CLICK on the green ‘’ Submit Button’’.

Bio 152 Computer Based Tests (CBT) Schedule:

Batch 1   (8:00 – 9:00am)

Serial NumberDepartments Number of Candidates
3.Pure and Industrial chemistry148
Total 750

Batch 2   (9:00 – 10:00am)

Serial NumberDepartments Number of Candidates
4.Plant Science &Biotechnology197
5.Zoology and Environ. Biology166
6.Combined Biological Sciences271
8.Health &Physical Educ. and Recr.13
9.Home Economics Education35
Total 748

Batch 3   (10:00 – 11:00am)

Serial NumberDepartmentsNumber of Candidates
11.Medical Laboratory Science236
12.Science Educ. (Educ. / Int. Sci.)22
13.Agricultural Extension140
14.Agricultural Economics68
15.Lib. & Info Sci. (Comb. Lib./Bot.)5
16.Computer Science2
18.Physics and Astronomy4
19.Science Lab Tech. (Physics/Electronics)1
20.Adult Educ. & Extra Mural Studies (Adult Educ./ Health Education)1
Total 749

Batch 4   (11:00 – 12:00pm)

Serial NumberDepartmentsNumber of Candidates
22.Soil science117
23.Crop science104
24.Animal Science89
25.Veterinary Medicine121
Total 750

Batch 5   (12:00noon – 13:00pm)

Serial NumberDepartmentsNumber of Candidates
26.Veterinary Medicine (Contd.)10
27.Home Sci., Nutrition & Dietetics157
30.Science Lab. Tech (Pharmacy)29
31.Science Lab. Tech (Phys./Chem.)8
32.Science Lab. Tech (Biochem.)21
34.Home Science And Management79
Total 739

Batch 6   (13:00 noon – 14:00pm)

Serial NumberDepartments Number of Candidates
35.Medical Radiography200
36.Nursing Science242
37.Medical Rehabilitation210
38.Science Education (Educ. / Biol.)87
39.Science Lab. Tech. (Chemistry)10
40.Computer Science/ Physics1
Total 750


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