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Happy Resumption: Akahi Tutors Students' Fellowship Holds Every Thursday - You Are Invited

Akahi Tutors Holds Fellowship Every Thursday By 12 Noon - You Are Invited. Call 08038644328

Akahi Tutors  accommodates ALL (peoples irrespective of race, tribe, sex, profession, status, philosophy and religious inclinations) who are ready to accept JESUS CHRIST as the ultimate liberation master.

At Akahi Tutors where we operate every Thursday by 12noon, we have volunteer intercessors who dedicate their time to praying for Students, Parents and ALL who need the team's support in prayer.

Every Thursday by 12noon, we fellowship together, share from the Holy Bible get our problems solved in Jesus Name.

... Ask anything in my name, I will do it! John 14:14

Do you experience failure at the edge of breakthrough?

Do you dream of evil spirits and masquerades pursuing you?

Are you finding it difficult to locate your rightful marriage partner?

Are you seeking for the fruit of the womb?

Is your marriage being hijack by strange men or women?

Are you oppress and depress?

Are you in a spiritual mess and need deliverance?

Do you need breakthrough in business?

Are you sick and desire healing?


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