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Hotel Or University Hostel Blocks Which Is Wiser To Invest In?

Hotel Or University Hostel Blocks Which Is Wiser To Invest In?

Please this is for serious minded people especially gentlemen and ladies of investment and business sections. A friend recently built a hotel in Awka, Anambra State and he's advising me to follow suit but I'm sceptical about hotel business so I'm considering two options.

One is to build some blocks of University hostel in a city with high concentration of undergraduates like Awka and Enugu since I already have acquired a reasonable number of lands in Awka, Asaba and recently Enugu.

The other option is since this is about having something at home, I can fix a reasonable deposit in a bank like first Bank or UBA which will be accruing interest every three months. I'm scared of going into business because of past experiences and besides that, I'm not good in business. All I have been doing is buying lands and keeping the rest of my money in bank, please I need some help.


1. Hotels might guarantee greater income but the risks are there. But university hostels in a city like awka guarantees reasonable income with less risks.
The last time I checked,hostels near to the school pay 130k for one room self con.


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