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Job: Dailyposts UK Is Recruiting | See How To Apply, Work From Home

Job: Dailyposts UK Is Recruiting | See How To Apply, Work From Home

Job Description

We are a UK Media company currently expanding and are looking for talented business writers and editors to join our team. We offer flexible working conditions as we have staff working from home while we look to fully set up our branch offices in Nigeria. You can read more about us here on the DailyPosts UK website

The Role

The role involves producing content for marketing companies in the UK, US and Australia. We mainly produce blogs, press releases, guides, website content and business profiles. We expect our writers to produce 3500+ words a day and to research the content thoroughly so that it is good quality. Starters with us get contracts of N100,000 a month and can go up to N200,000 in less than 3 months with hard work and excellence.

Is This You?
We are looking for candidates who want to build a career writing content and move into leadership and project management roles in the organization over the next 5 years. You must have flawless English grammar, be able to quickly understand instructions, and write content that speaks to the reader. This role is available to candidates around Nigeria. We are looking for people that can write impeccable non-plagiarised web content. You need to have a computer and reliable internet and be available to deliver consistent work each day. THIS IS A FULL TIME ROLE FOR SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY.

To Apply
The first step is a pre-recruitment grammar test. If you are confident that your grammar is excellent, and you have the mental dexterity to complete writing briefs, then set up an account and take the test here, successful candidates will be contacted. Please check your email regularly, including the SPAM folder for your paid trial invite after sailing through the pre-recruitment test process. We will get in touch and send the invite within two weeks if your written test was deemed good enough. Respond to the email as fast as you can to confirm your position.

This is an ongoing process. We will announce on this thread when we have found the right number of employees. So please share this post with as many QUALIFIED people as possible.

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