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In the future we may wave at our smartphones

Last week we talked about voice being touted as the next wave in computing. Today, we move to the hands.

In one of the most jaw-dropping tech demos of the year, drone manufacturer DJI this week showed off a new quadcopter that can be flown with hand gestures. Move your palm left to fly that way, extend your hand to land it.

As someone who spends a lot of time flying drones and juggling with video-game like controllers to operate them, this is the holy grail. No more worries about connections and keeping my head down to operate—just wave my hands in the air and let the drone soar.

Now, 2017 has been a year with many huge tech wow moments, including flying cars  ready for sale in 2020 to Facebook's project to let you skip typing by communicating directly to a computer from your brain.  .

But the $499 hand-flying DJI drone will actually be in stores within a few weeks. Watch a video of a first-time flight with the Spark, flying it with hand gestures.

What other devices could we soon operate by waving, rather than touching — say smartphones, laptops and tablets?

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