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9 Kinds Of People You Will Meet At A Nigerian Football Field

If you have been to a local Nigerian football field, you will know that there are different kinds of characters that you will come across. Here are the 10 types of people you will meet at a Nigerian football field.

The Emperors
These are the people who act like they're the sponsors of the football match and make it their duty to determine how the team will be shared and what the rules will be.

The Super Stars
These are the people that are known to be very good football players and they don't look as desperate when it's time for people to be picked because they know they'll probably be picked first.

The Left Overs
These ones are perpetually unlucky as no team picks them. It may be because everyone knows that they're bad footballers or they look like they're bad due to their physique. If there's going to be what Nigerians call SET, they'll decide to join a new set but may never even be chosen.

The Pretenders
These ones actually came to the field hoping to play football but in order not to be embarrassed, they'll act like they're not interested but hoping that a miracle will happen in their favour.

The Goal Keepers
Nobody likes been a goal keeper on a Nigerian football field as goal keeping is usually left for the left overs. These people make it a duty right from the start to tell everyone that cares to listen that they want to be goal keepers because they know they will not be chosen for any other position.

The Complainers
The complainers act like they've played for Barcelona, Chelsea and Real Madrid at one point in their career and make it their duty to frustrate their fellow team mates who make the slightest mistake.

The Scared ones
This group start getting scared from the moment they get to the field, to the moment they're chosen by a team till the moment a ball is passed to them. They are also scared of the complainers who are out to make their lives a living hell.

The Rough Riders
They're not there to play football but to send someone to the hospital. if you notice them, better avoid them or you'll never play football in your life again.

The Fighters
These people fight for sports. They come to football fields when they have run out of fights in their neighborhoods. If you dare mark them wrong or the referee blows again them, the match is officially over because they will fight till everybody decides to go home.

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