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10 Must Have Blogging Widgets For Bloggers

Widgets otherwise known as Plugins on Wordpress, are simply small add-ons or programs that are added to a Blog/Website to make it user friendly ,enhance users experience and as well improve the Blog's design.

There are a lot of well known blog widgets on the internet but then we are just going to be looking at the 10 most have Blogger Widgets for Blogs.

Setting up a Widget on a blog is as simple as ABC as this doesn't require the formal knowledge of Html, CSS or any other programming language .You can simply add a Widget by just pasting it's code on your Blog but then you have to be careful why doing so so as not to make your Site look so clumsy and over crowded .

Below are the

10 Must Have Blogging Widgets For Blogs

First on this list is the

Search Widget
Every blog must have a search box widget. Although it's already been installed on some custom themes, you can as well make it look more user friendly and attractive for your readers with the knowledge of HTMl and other programming languages. It helps visitors to be able to navigate through your blog archives and gives them quick access to what ever article they might be looking for

Subscribe Widget
Getting traffic is one thing.To make visitors constantly visit and remember your blog is another .This Blog Widget allows your reader to subscribe to your blog feeds which in turn gets them notified of new articles. This would help make your blog popular and well known and as well drive quality traffic to your blog

Share Button Widget
A share button widget allows readers to be able to share your contents on social networks. It's a must have widget as it increase the amount of traffic coming into your Blog

Tag widget
Adding a Tag widget to your Individual Blog posts is like adding Keywords to your posts. It summarizes what the post is all out.It as well allows reader to read various articles around the same topic. This in turn would help increase the number of time spent on your blog thus reducing the Bounce rate percentage of your Blog

Popular Post Widget
It displays the most read article on your Blog, increases your On Page Seo, time spent on your Blog and also lead to increase in Page views

Recent Post
Displays the most recent post on your Blog and creates a link to them from the homepage allowing your visitors to be able to access them easily

About Me
This particular Blog widget allows your reader to know more about you and as well get to follow you on Social networks

Facebook Like Box
This widget indirectly links your Blog to your Facebook community .It allows your Facebook fans get notified of new articles on your Blog

Top Commentators
This Blog widget shows the list of commentators on your Blog. It drives a lot of traffic to your Blog as every reader would always like to go back to your Blog to drop a comment just to be amongst the Top commentators

Ad Box
Everyone who runs a Blog normally do so with the intention of making money from it. This particular widget allows Advertisers to be able to connect with you directly for any business venture

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