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Check Out These 6 Benefits You Can Get Using USB Flash Drives

Check Out These 6 Benefits You Can Get Using USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are a highly versatile and portable solution to transfer or store computer data. A great quality is the high durability because of the lack of moving parts. This means they are harder-wearing than alternatives like the hard drives. Here are a few of the major benefits of using the USB flash drives:


The USB flash drives are appreciated for their small size, which makes them really portable and easily attached to a key chain or slip into a pocket. Most of these storage devices are two or three inches in length. However, there are larger sizes, such as the novelty designs that are favored by a certain niche of buyers. Plus, the durability of this item also means it is more practical for carrying around.


The memory capacity of the USB flash drives is in the region of 1 to 128 GB. The 1 GB units are very cheap and a practical choice for light storage and simple file transfers. For those planning to back up a hard drive or run a program, the higher memory capacity is required. The drives with 32 GB or more are useful for the high load jobs. The largest size opens up plenty of data storage options, such as the ability to store music, movies, or photographs.

Transfer speed

The USB 3.0 device is rated to transfer data at a speed of 4.8 gigabytes per second. This is a quite impressive speed and better than other storage options such as the SD memory card which has a transfer speed of up to 312 MB per second.


The USB interface is the standard option to connect electronic or storage devices to all types of laptop or PC. Most desktops, laptops and netbooks are built with multiple ports for accepting USB devices. Also, there are the dual purpose USB flash drives that even have the ability to read memory cards.

Low power

With no motors or moving parts, the USB flash drives are built to consume very little power. They have a lot lower power consumption compared to hard-disk drives which have the writing and reading heads to operate.

Purpose made applications

There are plenty of programs and applications that are built to run directly from the USB flash drives. Software applications like games, web browsers, image editors and other office software can easily be booted directly from this type of portable drive.

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