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How can I make my blog qualify for google adsense?

How can I make my blog qualify for google adsense?


Have a custom domain name (. Com) or just use dot.Blogspot.Com
Have clear navigation structure
Have a good number of articles posted (20+) which are original content and not less than 400 words each
Make sure you have privacy policy, about, and contact pages

You can then go ahead and apply. If you don't get approved immediately don't lose hope, just fix the reasons Google gave you and comply then reapply.

Steps To Get Google AdSense Approval (100% White Hat Method)

There are different articles online on Google AdSense approval steps, but many of them are having the same message. In this post, you shall be seeing something different from what you might have read from other blogs or websites. I will be showing you the step by step guide to get Google AdSense approval in the right way, using no trick or blackhat method. Before you proceed, i will like you to know that this will work better if you are ready to start a new blog and using a new domain name from scratch, otherwise amending the errors on your existing blog might be quite difficult.

One of the online business most bloggers engage in is by earning a living by displaying advertisers ads on their blog pages. The displayed ads come in the form of CPC ads ( Cost Per Click: bloggers earn a particular amount when users click on this type of ads), CPM ads (Cost per Million: bloggers earn a particular amount per million/thousands impressions from users), and CPA ads (Cost Per Action: bloggers earn a particular amount when users takes an action when arriving on the advertisers landing page. Such actions include subscribing to a particular service). All these serves as a monetization process for bloggers through paid advertising, and they can be achieved once you have a Google AdSense Publisher account.

Currently, the best and the most popular Ads Advertising Network in existence is Google AdSense. It is every blogger’s or publisher’s dream to have a Google AdSense account, but the problem lies in the difficulty to get approval of this very account. Most bloggers have applied countless time, having their expectations high in all attempt, but only to get a disapproval email reply in all attempts. Maybe currently you find yourself in this same situation, do not call it quit yet! I promise you that after reading this post and taking the necessary actions listed in the steps, you will definitely have an approved  Google AdSense account in no distance time. In this post i will be revealing a 100% white hat and simple steps of getting Google AdSense approval fast.

Please Note: This post does not contain the regular messages you have been reading online, which talks about relevant pages for Google AdSense approval, which includes the About, Privacy Policy, Contact, Terms and condition, and Disclaimer pages. If that is what you are looking for, you can simply find tons of pages on the internet containing such information. In this post, i am giving you a direct step of what i term the most important in AdSense approval.

Before i proceed in giving out my steps for easy Google AdSense approval, let me treat some areas that most bloggers flaw, which makes their applications to be rejected by the Google AdSense team.

Why Do I Keep Getting A Dispproval email From The Google AdSense Team And Possible Recommendations

The two popular disapproval messages and their recommended solutions are as follows:

  1. Site does not comply with Google AdSense policy

This means that the entirety of your site, which may include its content and some other factors, goes against the AdSense policy.

Possible solution: There are no two ways about this, all you have to do is to adhere strictly to these policies and guidelines. I will always advice every blogger or publisher who wishes to monetize his or her blog with the Google AdSense program to always take time to read through the Google AdSense policy and Webmaster guidelines for publishers. You can spend, hours, days or weeks reading this so as to get yourself acquainted with them all and try not to err in any aspect of it.

  1. insufficient content

This means that some or all of your pages does not content sufficient content. This makes it difficult for the crawlers to easily detect what the page is really talking bout.

Possible solutions: The following are some ways you can easily solve this

  • Make sure the words in each of your page/post contains nothing less than 800 words. The more words the better.
  • Make sure each page or post is aiming at a targeted keyword (because this is what the site crawlers is really looking for, so as to determine what that page is all about). For example, in all of my post, you will discover that my targeted keywords are always in “bold” in the post body. So you can adopt this method too.
  • Lastly, try as much as possible to write unique contents and make sure there are not many post in existence that already have the message you are trying to pass through to your readers.

Now you have taken note of some possible reasons why your Google AdSense application is easily disapproved, let us now move to the business of the day. Read on!

White Hat Steps To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

This is the part you should take more seriously, you can easily bookmark this page to your browser so you can assess it anytime you want. Now let’s go!

Step 1: Choosing keywords, and a niche

Before setting up a blog, you must already have an idea of what you are good at, and what you can easily write about (this is your Niche). And mind you, blogging for profitability is not all about writing about yourself or lifestyle, but rather it is about writing to solve your readers immediate needs or problems. So it is better you choose  niche that can serve that particular purpose.

To choose a perfect keyword, let as assume you want to write about wrist watches, just follow the steps listed below:

  • Use Google keyword Planner tool to run a check of your choice keyword “wrist watches”, and note the competitiveness (if it is low, medium, or high), its monthly search volume, and its CPC bids.
  • If it has a monthly search volume of up to thousand or more, then you are on the right track
  • If its competitiveness is low, then that is perfect also
  • If the related keywords from the report also have low competition, that is really superb. Even if the CPC bids of the related keywords are high or low, it does not really matter.

After achieving this, ensure that all the posts you intend to publish on your blog talks about wrist watches and contain the keywords. You can easily do this by writing a post using the related keywords that appears in the report as your post tile. Also make sure that all the contents of the post are unique as well.

You can run this check over and over for more keywords that can easily determine a niche you should venture into. The main reason of conducting this research first is to:

  1. Determine a niche that much bloggers are not really into. This will solve the solution of spam and insufficient content that you always receive in your disapproval email.
  2. Determine keywords you can easily rank for in search result (since they most have low competitiveness)
  3. Determine the CPC that advertisers are bidding for your keywords

Step 2: Choosing a perfect domain name

When choosing  domain name, i will always advice you go for the .com TLD, you can make further researches on why it is preferable. Domain name that can suit you niche about wrist watches are as follows:


All you need to do is to check if the domain names are available, but make sure that you keyword is in the domain name. This will give your page a boost in search engine results.

Step 3: Ensure that whatsoever you are writing about is marketable and adds value to your audience

Let me give a rundown of how the Publisher-Advertiser relationship works. Advertisers can only bid for ads space on your blog when they notice your post is having a message related to their products or what they try to advertise. If you only publish about topics that are not marketable (does not add value to both advertisers and your audience), then you can easily receive a rejection email from the Google AdSense team.

Before publishing a post, do the necessary keyword research and look for what people are searching for on the internet. Then you can now render solutions from your post.

Step 4: Publishing your unique post and getting ready to apply for AdSense

I will try to explain this step as simple as possible, just follow my points:

  1. Write unique posts of nothing less than 800 words with targeted keywords in your post title and body
  2. You can have as many label or categories that you want, but ensure that each categories have the same number of post, let us say 3 or 4 for each, and all post in each category should be talking about the category itself.
  3. Do your necessary on-page SEO, starting from all your H tags, permalink, description and image optimisation. I have not written a post about on-page SEO, but you can easily send me an email for further explanation
  4. Make sure there are no outbound links in all your post before applying. Even if it is a nofollow link, do not try to give any at all, You can do this after your approval

NOTE: I am not saying you should not include the necessary pages such as your About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and conditions and Site map pages. What i actually meant is that there are so many information about that n the internet and i see no reason repeating them again. So please learn how to do such from other blogs.

Below is a picture of the welcome image you will be receive from the AdSense team after your blog have been reviewed and you have gotten a Google AdSense approval

If you have followed this simple steps of getting Google AdSense approval practically, you should not be afraid any longer to apply, because i am giving you a guarantee of an approved application. If after following this steps and you got disapproval message the first time, it must definitely be on the basis of “insufficient content”, so all you need to do is to add more post on each label or category. Feel free to drop your comments, questions or contributions in the comment box below. Also share this post with your friends, it will definitely come in handy. Thanks for reading to the end!


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